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Finding work while staying in Tauranga

It isn’t difficult to find a job in or near Tauranga if you are here on a working holiday visa. Work on kiwifruit or avocado orchards such as picking and pruning is available in summer, and there is work in the packhouses and nurseries throughout the year. We have a great relationship with local kiwifruit companies and contractors, and can help you secure a job with them. we can help organize transport for you to and from work and hook you up with seasonal employment in no time! just ask us at reception........

Hospitality providers such as restaurants, cafes and bars are usually looking for staff as well so if you can make a great coffee, have experience as a waiter/waitress, or if you are keen to work in a commercial kitchen, you should have no problems finding a job. There are also some big food processing companies based in Tauranga that are always looking for motivated workers. 

There are plenty of other job opportunities locally such as retail, child minding, aged care, or working on a building site. Tauranga is a fast growing city, and the local construction companies would love to hear from you if you have experience as a builder, hammer hand or labourer. 

We recommend the following if you are looking for a job in Tauranga: 

  • First make sure you are legally able to work in New Zealand by having a working holiday visa. Read more... 

  • Know your IRD number and tax code for when you are employed. More info here...

  • Have an awesome and up-to-date CV ready, put make sure to personalise each covering letter.

  • Before arriving, send off some online applications. There are plenty of job listing websites.

  • Once you arrive, print off some CVs and approach employers, introduce yourself face-to-face, and ask if there are any jobs are available.

  • Look at the supermarket job boards, ask at reception, look in the newspapers for job listings and apply!

  • You can also join a job agency to help you along. When staying at HELLO! ACCOMMODATION, we're happy to point you in the right direction. 


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